Come Home to Acton was started by Mark Starr with the simple mission of cultivating a “Pay it Forward” movement that honors and gives back to the men and women who gave themselves to protect and serve us. If every community can come together for one project, for one family – imagine the impact for those who have made such sacrifices for all of us

Why Acton?

Acton is a quiet suburb of Boston with a diverse population, great school system, excellent sports programs – both school and extracurricular sponsored, and large recreational areas. The Town is supportive of CHTA, and has donated the land on which this house will be built. Near West Acton Center, this family will have easy access to the small “downtown” area, and many of the schools.

Organization Values

There are so many organizations that become financially encumbered by their own success and growth. And though well-intended, sometimes a disproportionate amount of their funds go to costs associated with their cause. Mark’s vision is very simple. To raise awareness and donations of time, talent, money, and goods from both the Municipality (Town of Acton), local business owners, and the people of the community to build one accessible home for a service disabled veteran and family. 100% of these donations will be directed to the completion and occupancy of this home. Low burdens, High results. One project, One goal.

What is the Dream?

That we never have to sacrifice the lives of our service men and women to protect our liberties. Mark feels that this is a debt that we can truly never repay, but his dream is for the community to come together to support each other.

What is the Long Term Vision?

Mark’s vision started with a visit 20 years ago to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Wall, where the loss of so many men and women of his age/generation was so eye-opening, that it struck him personally. These men and women who served and lost their lives were his peers. It was then that he felt those of us who were fortunate to live, grow up, and raise children in a nice suburban town owed a debt to veterans who sacrifice their lives every day so that we could live ours. So grew his desire to give back in some small way.

CHTA has both short term and long term goals: In the shorter term, he will leverage his expertise as a builder in Acton and professionally build an accessible home, placing a deserving family in a community that will embrace and welcome them. The longer term desire is that a successful completion will drive awareness and fuel a “movement” that will replicate Mark’s role in other communities to do the same. Funds that are raised in excess of those needed for this project will also be 100% directed towards a same/similar project to benefit a disabled veteran.

Contact Us

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